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Artist 1. Anthony Hunter.

                            A transplant from London, England. Anthony is no stranger to feeling displaced and different and even at an early age, he knew that he'd have to be hands on in carving his niche. Since coming to the U.S. with his family at 5 Anthony's traversed his way to where he is as the Owner of Murda Ink 3 Tattoos in L.I., NY, husband and father of 3 through years of struggle and hard work. 


                   Anthony began his path to art began innocently enough at home watching sunday morning cartoons and flipping through MAD magazine pages and struggling to emulate the characters that he saw on TV onto paper. Characters like He-Man, Transformers and G.I. Joe helped transform the landscape around him and allowed him to channel his creative energy.


                  His High School years allowed him to really connect with his art on a different scale. His teachers opened his eyes to new methods and styles of art and encouraged him to develop his craft to the point where he felt for the first time that he had a full grasps of his talent as well as his potential. Following H.S. he took a job at a fledgling comic book company where he learned hands on the work involved in putting together a full length comic book. He took the experience and the knowledge acquired seriously and it was yet another piece of the puzzle which helped develop his personality. He received a scholarship to both SVA and C.W. Post in L.I. but was not able to afford the difference and therefore opted to journey to PA to attend the Art Institute of Philadelphia to study 3D Animation and Graphic Design. 


                  Upon returning to L.I. after college he took on a job at a collection agency which put him in touch with one of the key figures that would put him directly on the path he's on now. One of his now closest friends from the agency Jamel Lyons introduced him to Nike who at the time was Owner and Operator of Murda Ink Tattoos in Queens, NY as well as Murda Ink Tattoo 2 in Hempstead, NYand who would go on to become his friend and confidante. Nike was and still is a well respected figurehead in the art and entertainment scene around this time and  found Anthony to be a like minded personality and an up and coming creative force and the two hit it off famously. The mentor/mentee relationship didn't just end with art, it encompassed how he connected with his clients, how he would express himself through his talent and what he would leave as his legacy in the art world. 




 In 2006 Anthony was involved a traumatic accident  that would become a blessing in disguise. The settlement after the accident allowed him to make a decision that would put him on his own path to success and in 2008 he opened the doors to Murda Ink 3 Tattoos in West Babylon, NY. In the 7 years since then he's helped carve the paths of up and coming artist like, Rob Rodriguez and current Inkmaster Kito Talbert. The shop is 6 days a week and dedicated to not just creating great art and and adorning his clientele with beautiful living art but also to cultivating a culture of free thought and growth and nurturing existing talents as well as helping open up doors to others. 



In his own words Anthony claims that "at 39 years old I do not have any regrets about where I am artistically, spiritually or otherwise in my life. Every experience has been a lesson learned for me. I am blessed and thankful for my family, as well as what I’ve been able to accomplish thus far. Art to me is an expression of self. I draw a lot to relieve stress. I try to translate my inspiration and my life on the page.  Art is like breathing to me.

I feel like I’ve come a long way with a lot more road to travel. The learning process has not stopped for me. With each year my art work is developing and improving. I also continue to learn more about myself. I thank God for guiding me and bringing me to where I am thus far. I thank my parents for their rigor and discipline. I thank my beautiful wife, Dr. Tanesha Hunter for all of her support and dedication and of course I thank my kids for keeping me young, active and for believing in me. I also want to give a special thanks to Jamel Lyons, Nike and those that continue to support what I do.  








Artist 2. Robert Rodriguez.


My name is Robert Rodriguez, I work out of Murda Ink 3 tattoos in West Babylon New York and I've been tattooing for 5 years. With two years of apprenticeship

I started my tattoo journey under the tutelage of Master Mighty Nike, co founder of Shirt Kings Airbrushing and creator of Murda Ink Tattoos. He is still owner of Murda Ink 2 in Hempstead, New York. I began working for him as a body piercer. I admit, I had no desire to tattoo at the time. I felt I lacked proper training in conventional artwork and did not believe I had the skills needed to permanently mark someone. After months and months of constant prodding, he finally convinced me to purchase a tattoo set up and I begin drawing and tattooing on fake skin. To my surprise, I discovered that I had a natural knack and enjoyment for tattooing. I immediately began tracing, coloring, and shading any tattoo stencil or flash I could get my hands on. After months of constant repetitive drawing, tracing and stenciling, I finally tattooed myself. Then soon after I began to tattoo friends and family. I eventually worked my way up to customers, when Nike thought I was ready. I've learned a great deal from Master Nike, in and outside of tattooing. I owe much of my customer service, and work ethics to him. To this day, I still look to him as an inspiration. 

After almost two years I moved from Murda Ink 2 in Hempstead, to Murda Ink 3 in North Babylon, where I am now, with shop owner, Manager, and tattoo artist  Anthony Hunter. Surrounding myself with positive artist and friends have helped me grow much in the small amount of time that I’ve been a tattooist.  My personal accomplishments have given me further

motivation and confidence learn more and work hard. Ive been able to accumulate 38 awards in only three years including 1st place awards at inked out new jersey three years in a row

Artist 3. Patrice Pamphille.


Patrice "Pat the Haitian" Pamphile was born in Port Au Prince Haiti in 1978. He is the second oldest of 5 brothers born to an immigrant mother, Josette, who like so many others made the journey to the states and while making their way through Florida and Brooklyn, NY ended up hanging their hat in L.I. His story only begins there. Pats life was far from easy. He watched his mother struggle for years financially all while keeping a tight grip on her children who could easily have gone down the wrong path given their upbringing. This only made him more determined to carve a niche for himself and not just earn his own way but to help out his family financially and make his mother proud. 


Pat began drawing at a very young age and learned a lot of his would be trade through his uncle. He got a lot of his reference from the comic books that his older brother would buy and he was not just able to replicate the art but he learned to customize it and make it his own. Throughout his school years he won many awards and contest for his talent and made his presence known not only as an artist to watch but as a very serious student as well. 


After high school he attended  St. Johns University in queens and developed his talent further within the Fine Arts department where he immersed himself in everything from painting to mixed media arts.


Pat found his path to tattooing through a chance meeting with an old friend of his who owned the shop in L.I. which he came to to get his second tattoo of a clever stylized logo for his would be creative arts business. The owner, Anthony Hunter, took him on as an apprentice without hesitation knowing his background in the high school art scene and after a 2 yr. stint he was on his way to carving his path in the industry. 7 years later and Pat hasn't looked back since. His straightforward, positive energy and desire to get better have only served to make him a very sought after artist.


Pat has traveled throughout the east coast, attending multiple tattoo shows and competitions and has been recognized for his distinctive art style in magazines like Skin & Ink and Urban Ink Magazine. Some  of his clientele have also come to be published in their own right by wearing his art. 


Pat plans on continuing to learn and progress and travel as much as possible and increase his fan base. He wants to reach that core audience that is as raw and open-minded and  serious about their tattoos as he is. 




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